Meet the Peppers

Travis Noparstak

Creator of Opportunities

“You have two ears and one mouth.” That sentiment taught Travis a lot about the value of listening to what customers truly need, versus selling. He believes in treating everyone with kindness and respect, always doing what’s right and building relationships that feel like family. He’s also a member of the National Guard, was a body double for Channing Tatum in The Vow, is a certified SCUBA diver, an Arctic Circle fisherman and has traveled to 28 countries on four continents.

Tim Padgett

Founder & CEO

Todd Underwood

Interactive Director

Lynn Ankele

Production Artist/Coordinator

Sharla Davis

Senior Copywriter

Jessie Atchison

VP, Director of Client Services

Sofia Park


George Couris


Cindy Wojdyla

Vice President & Creative Director

Melissa Troha

Account Director

Denise O'Neill

Vice President & Finance Director

Joe Whittington


Brian Erickson

Design Director

Travis Noparstak

Creator of Opportunities